The intention for 2019 was to have fun with my art and to focus on good old-fashioned nostalgia and have a break from my much darker, intense and emotionally challenging subjects and interpretations.

My art is fundamental to my state of mind and it has helped with processing incredibly difficult emotions whilst on the flip side it can also raise my mindset and help me to drive forward with that positivity in the hope that it benefits those who I care about and care for.

Lost in Hollywood 2 was a phenomenal success and helped me to achieve exactly what I had hoped and more, so for my final collection this year I have bloody gone for it and had so much fun with each of these pieces. You need to look back to leap forward and it seems that I have built a cracking reputation for amplifying the magic within nostalgia, taking subjects that we all know and love and making them brighter, bolder and better.

I love how so many enjoy seeing what resides within my mind and how I interpret popular subjects from years gone by and this has driven this new collection forward. With how things are outside of the studio I find myself looking back to memories growing up, channelling my mind in the hope that each memory becomes more vivid. What comes from that is appreciation and pride which I take to drive on with the battles that I face, it works.

So, I hope you love these new pieces as much as I have loved creating them, the most beautiful memories will always remain no matter how far down they now reside.

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