We don't need to tell you how much of a big deal Mark's movie inspired pieces are, it's been quite a journey since the first collection dropped back in 2016. 

Lost in Hollywood 5 comprises of six brand-new pieces that include a real mix of subjects to suit a wide range of tastes. A truly epic battle scene is a must for Star Wars fans whilst an intense Batman image inspired by ‘The Dark Knight’ is going to be a real collector's item! The cherished Pretty Woman movie has been depicted in a way that only Mark knows how, beautiful, and cool. A movie that Mark has wanted to do for years, Titanic has been created in a truly wonderful VHS format. For all the gangsters, Scarface has been designed to mirror his ‘Vendetta’ (Godfather) piece, whilst finally, the only film from the Back to the Future franchise that Mark has not done before, number 2 is a genuinely epic piece - no flux given!

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