We turn the page to a new chapter in Mark’s cherished ‘Storyteller’ collection. ‘Wolves’ Wonderment and Wanderlust’ is the title that represents the three classic stories that Mark has retold in his truly unique way that his collectors have come to adore.

‘Little Red Riding Hood’ features alongside ‘The Wind in the Willows’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’! ‘I have curated a wonderfully balanced boutique collection of works that will pull at the heart strings and take you back to your childhood and help you to relive some special memories.’ 

Intense darkness is interwoven with an unwavering sense of hope. There is a beautiful and pure sense of fun and adoration for close friends that ignites the desire to be free. Finally, you get an insight into the bonkers and surreal world that is Mark’s imagination where toucans, parrots and flamingos do as they please, in a sugar-coated world of Wonkas! 

Stunning original works have seen the bar raised once again, along with a premium moulding offering for Mark’s striking limited editions. An incredibly exciting new format sees it’s debut with a set of incredible ‘Story Book editions’ that are genuinely magnificent in their detail and uniqueness. It’s dedication and authenticity personified.

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