Brand Collaboration

'Love Burns' for Luvienz Paris


In 2016 along with a number of other artists Mark was invited to customize a bottle of Luvienz Caviar Edition Champagne to form a charity auction.

'The choice of using rose petals was driven through the flowers being given to a loved one along with champagne and being such an iconic symbol of love. The reason I have used rose petals so much in my work is that I am intrigued with how they wither and change, taking on a completely different look but still being beautiful.

It has always been this that I look at as being synonymous with love as an emotion where feelings change over time. The title 'Love Burns' cab be interpreted in both a positive and a negative way, it explores the concept of obsession and passion that love evokes.

The bottle features rose petals that cover the lower half peeling away to reveal the branding. Painted matte black and then brushed over with gilding wax to pick up on the veins and the curls of the petals whilst the entire body of the bottle has a covering of black micro dust to play on the sparkles of the black caviar eggs.

The aim was to create something that is really beautiful and suited to such a stunning product and quality brand name.'

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