2023 kicks off with an absolute stonking release from MD Studios, as Mark delivers a kick-ass collection inspired by the iconic Ghostbusters movies!

‘RETROPLASM’ is a brilliantly bonkers celebration of ‘Ghostbusters’, three pieces that are each very different! ‘Kick Its Ass!’ is an insanely vibrant and detailed scene that takes you inside the ballroom where chaos runs riot as the guys try and kick Slimer’s green butt whilst keeping the flowers standing! The movie soundtracks are so well-loved, and you will love this brand-new ‘Savin’ The Day’ vinyl LP edition, digitally remastered of course! Last but no way least is something seriously different! ‘Grab Your Stick!’ is for the true obsessive GB fans! Whether you call it a Particle Thrower, Proton Blaster, Proton Gun, Positron Collider, Neutrona Wand, or Proton Wand, the result is the same! Given a make-over by Mark, this piece looks like it’s been in a real battle, and got slimed and fried AF!

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