With Mark’s immersive new collection, he takes you back to an age when searching for ideas for your Christmas list involved a trip into your local toy shop rather than racking up an electricity bill that looks like you’re powering the Northern Lights, and when a Big Trak used to cost the same as a bloody pint of milk does nowadays!

This body of work combines tried and tested formats that continue to prove so popular, with exciting and innovative new offerings, designed to engage and excite! The brilliantly titled ‘Bollocks to Bedtime!’ is every big kids dream and is full to bursting with references that guarantees you will be saying ‘oh yeah I had one of those!’. Mark has also further demonstrated his ability to create jaw-dropping movie art in his signature style with a breath-taking mash up of Steven Spielberg’s most loved movies that makes 4DX and IMAX look like a Punch and Judy show! Staying with movies, the sold out ‘Petrolheads’ is now available in Mark’s incredibly popular VHS format 

Time for something new! In contrast to Mark’s insanely detailed scene pieces, his abstract and bold ‘Lunatics and Legends’ series is transformed with the introduction of four heroes and villains now offered in a playing card format that is float framed to complement his VHS and Storybook editions. It just works beautifully!

NOW for WOW! Taking inspiration from the music compilation albums that were a firm favourite at Christmas time, both from Santa and a ‘go to’ choice at vol-au-vent fuelled family gatherings, we are so excited to launch the first instalment of ‘WOW That’s What I F*cking Call Memories!’ - available in both cassette and Vinyl LP formats but sadly not available in ‘Our Price’ or ‘MVC’. For those of you who are always hoping for something different, tactile, and ridiculously nostalgic, this should be music to your ears!

As ever, Mark has worked tirelessly to create a captivating collection, designed to pull on the heart strings just like you’d pull on the seat belt and head down to Argos or Toy’s R Us. One thing is for sure, choosing your favourite is a ‘toughie’, likened only to trying to pick a favourite from the ‘Woolies’ pick ‘n’ mix on a Saturday.

‘Retrospective 4’, along with so many of Mark’s nostalgic pieces, gives you the excuse to take time out from a life firmly set on fast forward and simply pause, rewind and play.

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