‘The Trilogy’ (Star Wars VHS Box Set) - Limited Edition

Mark Davies British Artist

  • Ok, I am so bloody excited about this piece! So excited that I’m trying to write the narrative ahead of its release and all I can get down is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu********KKKKK! Only joking! The fact that it is being unveiled as a completely secret image has just amplified everything!

    When I created my VHS editions a few years back I knew that they offered something unique and authentic. The format and my determination to go the extra mile, created editions that had an original quality to them with the hand finished detail and customisation, whilst the size allowed for collectors to either fill that awkward space or create a cracking collection of their favourite movies from the pieces that I created. They have been so popular and have led to several other formats that have evolved my brand as well as my portfolio.

    In truth, I have been wanting to create a box set edition for what seems like an age. As with so much, it is all a question of timing and I guess the best things come to those who wait eh! 2016 was the year when I launched my now sought after ‘Lost in Hollywood’ series of iconic movies. Each film has so many possible interpretations, the possibilities are vast! When you then have the opportunity to embrace follow up editions through sequels then it really does open the door to truly embrace the collectability nature of my art and movie box sets that so many of us loved to own. I guess it was my destiny!

    I am so proud of my Star Wars pieces that I have created to date, I have always strived to produce respectful works that amplify all that is amazing with the earlier films, embracing the very essence of darkness and light and the battle between good and bad! In line with these works, I have always been honest to acknowledge that I am not a Star Wars obsessive, but I respect those that are. So, I have continually strived to create exciting and powerful pieces of art that amplify all that we know and love from growing up as kids whilst not trying to make them be something that they shouldn’t. I am so pleased to see these continually be so collectible. Thank you.

    So, with 2024 marking a decade in this ridiculous industry, I saw it as the perfect time to deliver a new format that opens the opportunity to create others on movies that are acclaimed for their multiples. I already know what I will take on next! For now, though, I need to block that out of my mind, not an easy task. Some VHS editions lend themselves perfectly to adapting an earlier piece into the format and that is cool, however for The Trilogy box set I wanted it to be all new, and wow! I am so bloody pleased with the results!

    Ok so my thinking was this. I wanted to showcase the three original movies, ‘A New Hope’, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘The Return of The Jedi’ and whilst ensuring that each image was dramatic in its own right, I wanted them to flow from one to another and not to jolt as you looked from left to right. They had to work as one. I knew that the key factor to the success of this piece would be the choice of scene to depict. I know everyone has their own and you can’t please everyone, but I did so much research into what was deemed to be the most iconic moments from each and then if I could get them to work and to resonate, not just with my audience but with myself to remain authentic.

    So, let’s start with ‘A New Hope’ – the scene that I have based my artwork on is so incredibly powerful and full of emotion. The colours are beautiful and draw parallels with my 2019 piece ‘Shifting Sands’. The isolated figure of Luke stood watching the horror that he came back to, that sense of helplessness is so strong. The detail that I then injected into the scene had to be subtle but play a part and acknowledge that this was the moment when he would ultimately choose his destiny and channel that hurt that would fuel his fire.

    Second was ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and wow, what a moment. In 2016 I created a unique piece entitled ‘Teach You I Will’ that depicted Yoda through smoked outlines. The background hinted at being the swamps of Dagobah, an environment that always fascinated me as a kid watching the movie. So, for me, this had to be the scene, when Luke is being trained and guided by Yoda and set on his path. That moment when the X-Wing was lifted out from the swamp was so damned good!

    Finally, if you know my work then you know that I love to work within forest scenes and ‘The Return of The Jedi’ gave me a cracking opportunity to do just that. A much earlier piece ‘Battles Passed’ took you to the forests of Endor and was such a wonderfully subtle scene where key details were hidden and obscured. This time however, I wanted to go big and showcase the battle that raged amongst the beautiful fauna, such a contrast! One powerful detail that is so serene is the puddle that shows the reflection of a very special trio. I love how this has turned out.

    I am so pleased with the result, not just how 3 VHS’s work alongside each other but with how the three images complement and contrast. Each is a very different movie, yet the overriding narrative is one of choosing your destiny, being set on the right path by those who inspire and guide you, even through spirit. It’s the importance of acknowledging the destructive force of the dark side despite its appeal when you are vulnerable and embracing the good around you and within. Oh, and being prepared to fight for everything that you deserve with everything that you have.


    1. Released: 2024
    2. Collection: Decadence
    3. Edition Size: 20 + 5AP
    4. Specification: Hand embellished heavyweight artist canvas, double framed, hand signed by artist.
    5. Image Size: 23” x 11.7"
    6. Framed Size (Approx): 28” x 16.75"
    1. Get in touch for overseas delivery
    2. Please allow approximately 14 days for delivery, should you need delivery sooner please let us know.

Category: Movie, Movie Art, Movies, star wars, VHS

Type: Limited Edition

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