The Animal I’ve Become (Twilight) - Original

Mark Davies British Artist

  • The title is ‘The Animal I’ve Become’ and the focus is on Jacob Black and his transition/regression into the wolf. He was a natural choice as not only is he a major character but he has a particularly troubled past that is full of hurt and frustration that turns to anger as a result. The title is inspired by the song by 3 Days Grace - Animal I’ve Become and ironically has been used by a fan on social media to accompany a scene where Jacob shape shifts into the wolf. I regularly tie pieces to songs that I am fond of and then use lyrics that mirror what I am portraying within the scene. What I like is not only does the title relate to the wolf perfectly but it matches the angle that I have gone in at which explores the character of Jacob who is at that point of reflection, trying to get his head around all of the devastation that he has caused through his anger that causes him to change so easily. This is fuelled by the deep-rooted grief from losing his mother at such a young age and the long-term pursuit of Bella which sees her give her heart to a rival. In addition to this there is frustration from him being wrongly blamed for murders of hikers in the forest by vampires. So the song and the title work perfectly and give me the platform to create something very dark and intense.

    The wolf dominates the composition, in the background is a haunting blue forest with a beautiful angled shard of light coming through the trees towards the wolf. This therefore creates the dominant source of light that I strive to include on my work, portraying a sense of hope as you know. Lighting ise beautiful within this piece to detract from the scariness of the wolf itself. The wolf is shown in deep thought, wrestling with his demons in the hope for change. A key object within Twilight is a key, signifying opening doors and opportunities, allowing change and embracing choice, whilst also representing closure and death. So I have introduced this within the piece as well as other objects that portray love and romance. The author was keen for her characters to be non conformist and not to follow suit with the other vampires and wolves, to choose a different path. The forest setting embraces this as the wolf is at that point where he chooses which path to head down.
    1. Released: 2016
    2. Collection: Storyteller
    3. Specification: 1 of 1 original framed embellished canvas, hand signed by artist.
    4. Image Size: 48” x 36"
    5. Framed Size: 54” x 41"

Category: spo-default, spo-disabled

Type: Original Artwork

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