I Wanna Be Like You (The Jungle Book) - Original

Mark Davies British Artist

  • For me the Jungle Book is focusing on an influential and naive boy who is abandoned and taken on and raised by the pack before being drawn back in only before being cast back out (Kiplings original version). This version also plots that the animals then turn on and destroy the man village which fits in with my piece for a possible second version.

    Based on the above, I have represented this by showing an intense jungle scene that has a subtle hint that there is the city looming behind (urban jungle). The scene depicts the remnants of gang/turf war and the negatives that come with that, the individual being cast out on their own, rejected by life and taken in by the pack (gangs) and exposed to drugs and violence. The individual being hypnotised by the lure of the power, respect and wealth that could come from gang affiliation (mimics the hypnotising powers of the snake to brainwash).

    The whole culture is a process, it has a start point and an end, I have represented the main villain in the Jungle Book (Sheer Khan) as the downed plane that has crashed into the scene (ultimately pointing to failure to overpower). The plane subtly takes the role of narcotics smuggling and is detailed in lots of subtle references. This for me is perfect as it shows the villains’ pursuit to destroy the ‘boy’ in both Sheer Khan’s role but also in reality with the smuggling of Class A’s out of the country that will end up on the ‘boys’ streets, creating and fuelling so much destruction, violence but one that is sold in as a way to ‘forget about your worries and your strife’.

    The landscape itself was created from 4 different images to create the perfect scene that is both lush and beautiful whilst also showing complex and dark roots that depict struggle and suffocation. The blue waters are inviting yet mask the dangers that lay beneath the surface, another parallel to the concept. As with my other pieces, there is so much detail in the scene, some dark, some light and with touches of humour.
    1. Released: 2016
    2. Collection: Storyteller
    3. Specification: 1 of 1 original framed embellished canvas, hand signed by artist.
    4. Image Size: 48” x 36"
    5. Framed Size: 54” x 41"

Category: spo-default, spo-disabled

Type: Original Artwork

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