I Lay To Rest (Sleeping Beauty) - Original

Mark Davies British Artist

  • The follow up to my 2016 piece 'Where Demons Roam' and opens another window into the room and world of Sleeping Beauty. 

    Cross referencing the previous piece a close eye will notice that the walls are more cracked and creased than before positioning this new piece later in time, meaning that her demons are still here. Her waking hours consume her with her battles, where the fragility of her state of mind and diminished self worth mean that she remains self imprisoned within her room. A room where her phantoms grow ever taller behind her, where sunrise is erased, when will they leave her in peace? Why have they come and why have they brought her uninvited fears? They're far too many here.

    Nightly hours bemoan while demons roam inside her home, clouding the clear. Sleeping Beauty knows that she needs to lay these to rest, well aware of her inner beauty ebbing away with each hollow new dawn, desperate for the bell of age to not ring for her, for tomorrow not to come with no one else but her. With each falling sun the shadows rise leaving her unable to see the white skin of walls. Sleeping Beauty’s only hope is to lay to rest, to fall asleep, to find comfort in slumber, to find the strength to leave her room through those loved ones who have never truly gone but whom can only be seen with eyelids closed and heart open. A silent and daily battle just to fall asleep in the hope she wakes outside of her walls is a battle only she can win, she just needs to draw strength from what she sees when her eyes are closed.

    Ultimately I wanted to create something truly beautiful and a genuinely powerful but delicate image that is an authentic continuation of the story that started back in 2016. The aim was to transform the same room from day to light where the darkness can be transformed with soft light which brings with it hope via a window that is never truly completely closed. To take a stark white space and portray a scene from a dream, where you aren’t sure if you are looking at a wall or a twinkling night’s sky. As per the original piece the devil really is within the detail, within the shadows, albeit interacting with tiny pieces of hope and good, therefore depicting the battles that live within Sleeping Beauty’s head. A couple of examples being the subtle shadows that come in from behind the bed and the curtain, the twisted sharp thorns that hold a fragile white rose, a cracked mirror that has been taken off the wall, a solitary daisy flower head with petals picked off which is a link to her childlike insecurities where she tries to find answers in a flower.

    The biggest change for this piece represents me slowly turning the page towards a new chapter and is the introduction of the main character which is the one element that was kept hidden from much earlier pieces but it along with the likes of more recent pieces such as ‘I Wish To Be Free’. This gives further insight into the story that I am telling in the hope that people can find a true affiliation and warmth towards the character, embracing their struggles and to will them to win through, to find their happy ending. I really hope that many will find their comfort in the image that I have created. Everyone has their story, this just happens to be mine.
    1. Released: 2017
    2. Collection: Storyteller
    3. Specification: 1 of 1 original framed embellished canvas, hand signed by artist.
    4. Image Size: 48” x 36"
    5. Framed Size: 54” x 41"

Category: spo-default, spo-disabled

Type: Original Artwork

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