Homeless - Limited Edition

  • Fighting a losing battle, he fought to keep his strength. Faced with the reality of the unknown living with the agony of being separated from his family. With dazed exhaustion, the winter lights were all he had to guide him. The city loomed behind him large and ominous. Weary and drained he finds some respite on a wooden bench, knowing his despairing search had merely begun…
    1. Released: 2014
    2. Collection: Matryoshka
    3. Edition Size: 45 + 5AP
    4. Specification: Limited edition fine art print, hand signed by artist.
    5. Image Size: 26.5” x 20"
    6. Framed Size: 34” x 27.5"

Category: spo-default, spo-disabled

Type: Limited Edition

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