Greed Breeds Monsters (Jurassic Park) - Original

Mark Davies British Artist

  • I absolutely loved this film, amplified because of my fascination for dinosaurs as a child. T-Rex was always a favourite for me and the fact that he featured with such dramatic effect in the Spielberg picture albeit with pretty harsh results made it such a great film personally. The majestic nature of the creatures, brought back to life was incredible to see whilst the darkness that ran throughout the narrative coupled with sheer terror in parts resonated with me when I was made aware of this commission. I’m not sure if the T-Rex devouring the guy sat on the toilet left more of a lasting impression on me than the spitting Velociraptor that ate the tubby guy in the jeep, that was terrifying to watch. Actually I would have to say the latter as it was one dinosaur that I didn’t include in this piece so subconsciously it must still be deep-rooted! The great thing was that I got the chance to meet the client at my recent show, James had previously commissioned the BFG piece and shared with me how that story and resulting piece brought back so many special memories for him. Based on that I have no doubt that he has a real affiliation with Jurassic Park so I was hell-bent on exceeding his expectations.

    A quick google image search on the film is dominated by images of scenes set during the storm, with terrifying dinosaurs, lashing rain and huge gates. Whilst all of these are clearly representative of the qualities of the film I wanted to go in a different direction, creating an intriguing scenario that is full of detail that is open to interpretation that allows the viewer to decide what has happened or in the midst of happening. I wanted to create a landscape that was beautiful, really beautiful, one of scale and wonder yet one that has a darkened, bare and exposed quality to contrast and set the tone for the darker side of the film. The landscape is set on a steep incline with bare land and twisted roots, in a clearing and on high where flying creatures can swoop down at any time to pick you off. The broken rock landscape is my way of showing the breached perimeter from the park. I had to get T-Rex into the scene without simply showing him so what I have done is to create a gnarled old tree that has grown into the shape of the creatures leg and clawed foot. The aim here is to be subtle initially, do you see a dinosaur or do you see a tree first? The film is all about the conflict between creature and creator and I wanted to showcase this in the layout. The iconic Jeep is parked directly opposite the tree, creating a stand off almost, directly bringing the two powers together.

    The title of the piece 'Greed Breeds Monsters’ is statement that showcases my acknowledgement of the darkened plot and also of the bigger picture to what is a global problem in society and business. Should reincarnating the Dinosaurs be embraced and allowed? Possibly, done for the right reasons and within the right hands. With success come people that brings money that brings opportunities that expose weaknesses. This is where the darkness comes. It only takes one bad egg to overpower all the good that then creates a new Mother Nature, possibly a new God but one that gives life to the innocent that are born into hate. My piece is dominated by the powerful landscape, the tree and the jeep whilst a good number of smaller references pay homage to the film whilst also supporting my concept. Untarnished but already impacted innocence exists next to objects of destruction, be that a rifle or a dollar bill. Ultimately from the battle between creature and creator there is a sacrifice, stood in the middle of the two dominant objects here is the goat, a key ‘object’ from the story and one that was perfectly placed to illustrate this sacrifice. Subtle floating light detail are attracted to the things that are good and fragile whilst dark smoke and flames surround objects that have brought destruction. The beautiful glow from the sky bring in light and signifies hope, unaffected by the the conflict that is shines upon.

    Although I have left so much open to interpretation I have suggested however that the scene shown is set further on after the dramatic events within the park where the good plan had imploded into carnage. The branded experience set up by the parks owners was left in tatters and most probably should have been left well alone, to be reclaimed by nature. However an opportunist with an eye for a fortune looks to have exploited how exposed the venture was and has taken it on, whether it is being driven by good or bad hands is up to you. Is the past the past or is it the future? Who ultimately is the creator and who is actually the creature?
    1. Released: 2017
    2. Collection: Lost In Hollywood
    3. Specification: 1 of 1 original framed embellished canvas, hand signed by artist.
    4. Image Size: 48” x 36"
    5. Framed Size: 54” x 41"

Category: spo-default, spo-disabled

Type: Original Artwork

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