As You Wish - Canvas Limited Edition

Mark Davies British Artist

  • So, it’s 2024 and this year marks a decade in this crazy art scene, what a journey eh! More on that another time. My first ‘Lost in Hollywood’ collection saw my Star Wars debut, on canvas not screen that is! Since then, I have continued to create pieces that celebrate my memories of growing up alongside such a phenomenal franchise, each one being completely different and unique. Some are bold, blatant, and battle-led, others are much more pulled back, pieces that make you think. 

    When I chose to embark on my journey of independence in 2018, I chose to create and release a piece entitled ‘Battles Passed’, a serene moment in time where huge details were masked to the eye at first instance. My collectors loved the subtlety of the image and the narrative that drove the piece. The following year saw ‘Shifting Sands’, a wonderfully gentle scene that involved key objects being uncovered by the winds that blew across the desert landscape. Again, a true thinker’s piece that could be enjoyed as an authentic tribute or one that pulls on the heartstrings because of what it represents.
    So, considering my ten-year anniversary and everything that has happened, I thought it perfect to create a piece that epitomised this ever evolving and unpredictable journey and embodied this concept of shifting sands. Speaking of which, this piece was initially planned to be released as my February offering but that was then changed from the results of my planning for the year ahead. I will be launching my Spring / Summer collection on May 4th, so you don’t need to be a Wookiee to work out why I then switched my focus to an alternative theme. So why don’t you just release this in May? You’ll see, I just think it is a perfect time to mix things up a bit.  
    ‘As You Wish’ takes the title from that moment when Boba Fett talks with Darth Vader, a simple line that offers so many possibilities. What I have looked to do is go big and bold but then pull things right back to contrast and complement. The iconic bounty hunter just screams nostalgia and is quite simply cool as hell and I wanted him to dominate the scene whilst still leaving much to the imagination. Boba is stood with eyes on you, like you’ve just stumbled upon a moment in time, a moment when no words are needed, a silent acknowledgement. Detailed around him shows where he has been, yet so much is left open to interpretation as to what happens next. For pieces like these, I prefer not to force feed you with a definitive concept, instead preferring for you to decide why and what next. 

    For me personally, what I have found the most rewarding to date is how my imagery and their narratives resonate so strongly with so many. The fact that they sell so well is simply a humbling bonus. Quite often you end up sitting back and digesting an image that you have created so intensely, and it is that moment of calm that you realise why you have taken it in that direction. It is where you head and your heart is, the subject matter itself is simply the outer layer. It is the meaning that is its heartbeat.
    What I have learned, is the importance of quality decision making. Yes, impulsiveness and passion can often generate brilliance but amongst all of what you face, it is so vital to just stop and digest what you have experienced and where you can go from that point. It really is that moment in time that is everything, one that can determine so many more that you will experience.
    So, you lunatics have asked for a piece that featured Boba Fett for years now, well, as you wish! 

    1. Released: 2024
    2. Collection: Lost in Hollywood
    3. Edition Size: 20 + 5AP
    4. Specification: Hand embellished heavyweight artist canvas, double framed, hand signed by artist.
    5. Image Size: 36” x 27"
    6. Framed Size (Approx): 41.5” x 32"
    1. Get in touch for overseas delivery
    2. Please allow approximately 14 days for delivery, should you need delivery sooner please let us know.

Category: Boba Fett, star wars

Type: Limited Edition

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