Introducing a stunning collection that comprises of the most iconic fictional superhero characters and villains that so many of us love and in Mark's now signature portrait style!

For those of you who don't know by now, 'MD Studios' is the brand name for artworks created by Mark Davies British Artist that break from his traditional style and feature both fictional and non-fictional characters. The 'Lunatics & Legends' brand has been created to head up a much bigger body of work that will include iconic characters spanning film, music, sports and popular culture.

So, to kick things off we are proud to introduce the first instalment this Summer that features the legendary Captain America, the unhinged Harley Quinn, the seductive Poison Ivy, Superman - the man of steel, the phenomenal Wonder Woman and the beast that is Wolverine!

As with previous works such as Mark’s ‘Remastered’ collection, what we see are iconic images of the characters that we all know and love, transformed to be even more dramatic, more intense, more powerful and more vivid. The intention is to create amplified artworks that match how we see them in our minds, be that looking back as a kid where we played with costumes and improvised props or to much more recent and bold interpretations of the classics that reignite our fascination with our fictional heroes.

This style of work is much more abstract and textured with a blurred style that mimics the blurred lines in places where we question who is the legend and who is the lunatic, where heroes and villains reside next to one another and sometimes as one.

We wanted to really embrace the sense of collectability that goes back to peoples’ love of collecting comic books, action figures and cards so we have kept the edition sizes tiny, just ten and two hand embellished artist proofs in both a standard and large format.

This is also the first time that we are introducing a brand-new option of MDV’s which stands for ‘Mark Davies Variations’, where instead of one full-sized original there are five variations of the master image with the option of specifying frame choices to get you really involved and obtain something really special!

This is just the start of what promises to be an awesome adventure!

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