My memories as kid growing up in the 80s are of an array of incredible films that stayed with me and truly captured my imagination.

As a father of a thirteen year old daughter I am so aware of just what a different world it was back then, no internet, no social media, no distractions. From what I can see I sense that the pull of going to watch a film now may not be quite as strong, what with so much leaked content all over the internet and the role that Sky TV now plays. The urgency now to check one’s mobile without being seen equals that of legging it to the toilet when the credits start after drinking 10 litres of Um Bungo!

‘Lost in Hollywood 2’ is the keenly awaited sequel for 2019, it has taken an absolute age to plan and an absolute joy to work on! I have wanted to release this body of work for so long but it was all about timing, I have known which films I needed to take on for so long and to see a scrawled notepad evolve into this completed body of work is really quite something. I have loved every single minute of it, I have pushed myself and sought to continue to evolve whilst ensuring that I stay true. From immersing myself into each of these films I ultimately feel better, brighter and I hope many others get the same feeling from seeing my interpretations of these iconic movie masterpieces. What an era, what a childhood.

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