Welcome to the Hive 

Hive is the identity for the main part of Mark's art studio that has been transformed into a creative gallery space to best showcase his work.
For those of you that have not visited the studio, Mark works from within a stunning brick barn in the Cambridgeshire countryside. The location really is quite something. The studio is split into two main areas, with the smaller room being used for the 'messy stuff' and is where Mark will embellish his prints, customise frames and create his original works. The main area now proudly displays a cracking array of Mark's work from his portfolio, and includes pieces that are often not on general release at the time. So, now we can proudly welcome both collectors and affiliates to come and view Mark's art in a fitting environment that is as personal as it is professional. 
Why Hive?
Ok so there was a real epiphany and eureka moment whilst the transformation of the studio was underway. A swarm of worker bees that seem to live in the studio roof decided to come and see what the hell was going on and caused quite a scene! In addition, there are bee hives within the grounds here, which is pretty cool! This combined with the intensity of the work that goes on within the studio and the amazement by people who visit who can't believe the amount of work that is on display, the name just fits perfectly. Hive as an identity now provides the platform for some seriously exciting future opportunities whilst perfectly representing the positive buzz that Mark's work continues to make within the art world.  
Have you opened a gallery?
Hell no! Mark is an independent artist and MD Studios works with a number of affiliated galleries. Hive is simply an identity for the creative gallery space within the studio where collectors and affiliates (both existing and prospective) can come and view Mark's work in a fitting environment where work is permanently on display rather than having to reorganise the studio for visits and events. 
Can I just turn up or do I need to book?  
At this stage it is best to book an appointment to come to the studio. This ensures that you won't be greeted by Mark setting fire to things or in Lycra from his bike training! Evening and weekend appointments are available should you prefer, just reach out using the contact info below. See you soon. 

If you would like to book a time to visit the Hive please contact Steffi on or 07984 601370



Open Studio Events

We regularly hold open studio events which are always special occasions for our collectors to visit and see where Mark creates his artwork and have the opportunity to talk to him in person whilst seeing a cracking range of work up close, as well as seeing pieces and formats that may not be on general release at the time. Keep close on social media and by signing up to the mailing list to ensure that you are first to hear of upcoming events at the Hive - future events will also be posted on this page. 

See you soon... 

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