A Letter to Her Majesty (A Tribute to Her Late Majesty the Queen) - Story Book Limited Edition 1/20

Mark Davies British Artist

  • I am so proud that my 2022 piece entitled ‘Love Knows No Bounds’ received the levels of affection that it did. Whilst we are surrounded by such poor taste, I was determined to create a beautiful tribute to acknowledge the truly sad passing of our Queen.

  • A signature trait of my work is to create an image with a multi-layered narrative, one where you can simply enjoy it at face value or think a little deeper and look a little closer to discover a stronger meaning that, regardless of its driving force, is always open to your interpretation.

    This shone so brightly with the aforementioned piece. It’s majestic. The concept of love knowing no bounds (something that I have built a body of work on since 2017) radiates from that image what with the various details that all link to their individual relationships with Her Late Majesty.

    Everyone finds their connection with art for their own reason, and I love that, but with ‘Love Knows No Bounds’ there was a little detail, or should I say a little bear that is mentioned more than any other, Paddington. As a nation, our love for the little man is special and has remained in our hearts since childhood – it’s impossible not to love him.

    As a Storyteller there is always a new chapter to be written and ‘A Letter to Her Majesty’ is mine.

    The overriding concept was to explore the impact on those that are left behind to grieve after someone so special has passed. However, through being driven by a sense of hope by seeking comfort and support through others who are close by, it is the love and positivity that drives this piece. At first glance and on noticing the tiny details, sadness will hold you for that moment but then look a little longer and the warmth radiates just like the sun shines through the forest past Windsor castle.

    In 2017 and as part of my ‘Love Knows No Bounds’ collection I created a beautiful piece entitled ‘A Letter to Aunt Lucy’ – an image of Paddington sat forlorn with his letter that he didn’t get the chance to send it to his dear Aunt before she passed. My original intention for this new piece was to continue this concept, however despite the image turning out beautifully – it was a little too sad, it lacked what was needed, hope.

    I have embraced the connection between two people, or animals in this case. To shine a light on the positive impact that being close to another can have. Just look at that touch of the Corgis’ paw on Paddington’s arm. Subtle, not showy or elaborate – just honest and real. Look closely – have you seen both have a solitary tear falling down their face? Beautiful. Yet, it is a case of strength in numbers. Some are closer, physically, and emotionally but never discard the role of another who may be stood a little further away – their love remains the same, but their character varies – so they watch from a distance, but their guidance can be significant.

    I am often asked how I set about planning a new piece and it’s a great question. It really does depend on the art itself and its reason. So, for certain pieces that need to either start a series or become a continuation of an existing one, the approach is completely different. Planning, positioning, tactics are all key. Yet for pieces such as what you see here, no. The seed is born from the heart and is grown and driven by genuine, real emotion. It is art with meaning, and it always will be, authenticity in its most beautiful form. It is through channelling all this that makes the result so full of impact and honesty and why it connects so strongly.

    ‘A Letter to her Majesty’ is as much about a letter from Paddington as one from myself. Like I said, the concept evolved – why? Because of where my head and heart are. I am an artist who is a son who has lost their beloved Father in September 2022. I am 45-year-old man who prides himself on his strength of character, yet I have been smashed to pieces, completely and utterly broken. At the time of writing this, it is a matter of weeks short of a year and with how freely the tears flow from just typing the word ‘Father’, it is a blatant reminder that I am struggling to deal with such an unbearable, claustrophobic sense of loss.

    I have written so many chapters where my words have reached out to others to try and help, to find strength, comfort, and direction and now I need to do the same for myself. I accept and understand why I am where I am at this stage. I know I am strong enough to deal with it in time, just not now. For years I have grafted to set myself up with things that would help distract and help, not heal but help. I don’t mean materials; I mean the things that combine to create a sense of calm and that help lift you. I am so lucky to have a wonderful family so close to me that I know will continue to make a difference.

    The words that I penned as Paddington are from my heart and that is why the ink runs. Does that make the boy in the blue coat me? No, Paddington is everyone who has ever lost someone and who still has so much to say and who are jealous of the angels that sit around their loved one’s thrones tonight.

    It is almost ten years ago since I embarked on this art journey and right from the start, I have made it clear that art for me is everything, it is how I bleed but ultimately how I heal. It is my escape and my outlet for my emotions. The entire time there has been absolute heartache and battles outside of the studio and it is my art and my collectors that have formed such an incredible distraction that I will be eternally grateful for, you are like no other. Thank you for everything. x


    1. Released: 2023
    2. Collection: Love Knows No Bounds
    3. Edition Size: 20 + 5AP
    4. Specification: Limited edition story book with custom frame, hand signed by artist.
    5. Image Size: 8.3” x 11.7"
    6. Framed Size (Approx): 13.5” x 16.75"
    1. Get in touch for overseas delivery
    2. Available for immediate despatch or collection from the Hive 

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