Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Update


Ok so in a time where everything is changing, nothing has changed here at MD Studios. Myself and my fabulous management team, have been asked several crucial questions with regards to continuity when securing the art so many have come to love. This pleases me no end given the current climate we are all so very much facing.

From starting out as an independent artist the focus was being able to effectively and efficiently deliver a truly bespoke and personalised offering with each art sale. The intention was to make it as streamlined for galleries whilst also offering an unsurpassed personal process regardless of whether it was a print only requirement or a highly detailed commissioned piece.

The points below elaborate on this and are the reason why in this period of great change and uncertainty you won’t have to worry about missing out on your art from MD Studios. The set up is a major reason why it has all gone so well and continued to grow month on month as it was all based on the scalability. To have such a substantial production arm on my doorstep allows for not only large numbers of orders but rapid turnaround (without the need to pre-print) whilst also allowing me to personalise any order should the request come in.

So from the very first order to what now involves a cracking stream of orders nothing has changed. Current vital self distancing measures will not stop you getting your artworks, Ok you may not be able to shake my hand but that’s a good thing when this gel has made me look like bloody Mumm-Ra from Thundercats! We simply adapt but carry on.. keeping the positives high.

Production: Our set up is huge and with such an established company the measures were in place at the end of last year. The size of the workforce is considerable whilst materials have been bought in bulk in readiness, their hygiene measures are first class 365 days a year.

Management Team: This year has seen an amazing change at MD Studios with the creation of a superb management team, working in partnership that has not only transformed the processes, taking on all of the day-to-day responsibilities as well as building on some very exciting plans. This has enabled me to focus on the art and the art alone and yet speeding up the response times and production effectiveness. 

Personalisation: Each and every order can be personalised on the frame reverse, certificates of authenticity and narratives cards are always dedicated and can be personalised with a special message.

Commissions: Such a wonderful opportunity and one that can continue with virtual briefings and progress updates online through to direct deliveries.

Deliveries: At point of order we can easily send directly to the customer using couriers who are implementing the safety measures, accordingly.

Speed of turnaround: To cover any eventuality the speed of turnaround is first-class, even for hand embellished pieces is rapid to put it politely!

Customer Viewings: This is easily done virtually, with a live feed for a walk-around should a customer need convincing or to see that finite level of detail!

Online Ordering: Whether it be an affiliated gallery website or our own, online orders are a cracking way to get all of the above quickly and safely.

Social Media: Whether it be myself or Steffi, (Instragram steffi.mdstudios) we are pretty much always online to interact with you, be it an order enquiry or fun interaction on a particular piece. So when so many are having to spend more time at home let’s bring the conversation online to raise everyones spirits! If you’re working from home then maybe it will end up giving you more time (on breaks!) to spot that hidden detail that you just can’t find?! Trust me, with my next collection, LOST IN HOLLYWOOD III, the detail I believe is taking another level, can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Art is incredibly positive and is enjoyed by so many, it truly has a role to play and I hope mine can continue to lift your spirits in these times of concern.

Anyway, enough from me, continue to keep well and look after your loved ones and listen to the daily guidelines. I’m off to moisturise!.

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